Ultimate Lessons

Ultimate Snowsports School offers a fresh approach to your holiday experience.

All Ultimate Snowsports instructors are British and have gained the highest possible qualification for ski and snowboard instruction.  We ensure all the lessons options offered are great value and taught in an enthusiastic and professional manner.  There is a large emphasis placed on enjoyment, which we feel aids learning and leads to visible improvements.

Private lessons are tailored to your individual needs and requirements. All instructors have the ability to adapt teaching styles and techniques ensuring that you get the session that you really want.

Both adult and kids’ group lessons are great fun and offer real value. Add to this, that the maximum group size is only 6 and you will see why they are our best selling lesson option.

NEW to 2010/11 season is advanced coaching clinics; Off-piste, bumps, carving and freestyle.

We all look forward to sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm with you on the mountain.

Please see the summary of our lessons below;

The Ultimate Team.


Our private lessons are completely tailored to your needs. From one-to-one technical sessions, to resort guiding for the whole family, you can choose how many hours you would like and the overall content of the session.

All our instructors have priority in the lift system, so you never have to worry about queuing more than a few minutes when in a lesson with Ultimate Snowsports!

Price: £55 per hour  (plus £5 per additional person per hour)


Full day Private lesson   Let our qualified instructors guide you around the resort, taking you to all the best slopes without having to reach for the piste-map. The day can include techniques for skiing the whole mountain, as well as those important tips, hints and reminders throughout the day to keep you skiing at your very best.  

Our instructor can meet you at your chalet/hotel if needed, find a suitable restaurant for lunch, and finish the day’s skiing at a convenient location for you.

2 - 3 hour Private lesson   This could be a refresher session to get your skiing legs back and ready for your holiday or a session to master a specific technique such as moguls or off-piste.  Either way, this option will give you the opportunity to learn all the necessary skills, with plenty of time to practise.

1 hour Private Lesson If your learning style allows you to process a lot of technical information in a short amount of time then this lesson is for you. We can give you the tools and techniques to take away and practise in your own time. This lesson is cost effective and is best taken at lunchtime, when the lifts are quiet, to ensure maximum slope time. 

Level 1: You have yet to experience the thrills of skiing, or feel that you would benefit from a fresh start.

Level 2: You can produce confident snowplough turns on blue pistes

Level 3: You produce confident parallel turns on blue pistes, with the ambition to conquer red terrain.

Level 4: You can produce consistent parallel turns on red runs and are looking to explore steeper and more challenging black terrain.

Level 5: You’ve skied black runs and would like to develop the technical skills to do this in complete confidence. You may also want to use our local knowledge to discover new challenges.



Great value group lessons, as our groups have a maximum of only 6 people per group. 

All groups run for 3 hours per day, unlike many other schools that offer only 2 hours.

We keep lesson sizes to a minimum and lesson time to a maximum.

Level 1: 5 days, 15 hours tuition, Price £180 per person

  6 days, 18 hours tuition, Price £210 per person


Level 2-3: 3 days, 9 hours tuition, Price £135 per person
               5 days, 15 hours tuition, Price £180 per Person


Level 4-5: (Experience and Performance) For Levels 4 and 5, choose between All Mountain, Off-Piste, Bumps, Carving, or Freestyle


White Wizards: Your child has never skied before or would benefit from a fresh start.

Green Goblins: Your child has skied before and is able to ski green runs using snowplough turns to control their speed.

Blue Bombers: Your child is able to ski blue runs, easily linking parallel turns, but on steeper red runs reverts to snowplough turns to maintain speed and direction.

Red Rippers: Your child is able to ski red runs, mainly using parallel turns to control speed and direction and is now looking to continue on more challenging black terrain.

Black Bandits : Your child is able to ski black runs, maintaining parallel turns; they are now looking to develop technique and move onto more varied and challenging terrain.


Ultimate Snowsports guarantees British Instructors and small groups (maximum of 6)
For children, we provide an enjoyable ski school experience through fun tuition and positive encouragement, in a safe learning environment.
We guarantee that your children will have a fantastic time with Ultimate Snowsports.

All Levels, Wizards through to Bandits:

5 days, 15 hours tuition (3 hours each day), Price: £180 per child

6 days, 18 hours tuition (3 hours each day), Price: £200 per child

Simple, safe and fun tuition with British instructors in small groups

Aged 4 & 5: Group size: up to a maximum of three per instructor, sessions are 2 hours long

5 days, 10 hours tuition Price: £200 per child

Aged 3 and under: Children of this age require a large amount of attention and support to ensure maximum safety, enjoyment and interaction whilst learning.We only offer private lessons at this level. Price: £55 per hour (additional £5 per extra child per hour; maximum of 3 children)



Advanced coaching clinics with simple teaching philosophies in; Off-piste, bumps, carving, all mountain skiing and freestyle.

We offer dedicated clinics for each of elements listed above, but our all mountain clinic that encompasses all the elements in one week is by far the most common, please see below;


Skiing the whole mountain with total enjoyment is the Holy Grail of skiing.  With a mixture of different skiing styles each day, the All-Mountain Courses provide a unique insight into the tools and techniques needed to ski the whole mountain.

The course is designed to allow you to experience and encounter parts of the mountain that you would not necessarily have explored on your own. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet other like-minded people.


The All-Mountain Course is offered in two different ability levels, Experience and Performance. 

Experience: for those who are confident on red runs and wish to be introduced to the rest of the mountain  



  • Tip the skis onto their edges and carve you way around the pistes. Ultimate instructors can train you to use a pair of skis to their full potential on piste, which is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding parts of skiing.
  • Control your speed, and absorb the bumps.  Keeping the skis in contact with the snow is vital to achieve full control.  Your coach will advise you on how and when to use your ankles, knees and hips, to stay balanced on your skis
  • Adapt your skills to feel confident off-piste. Venturing off the piste into softer snow can sometimes be intimidating, but a few simple changes in your balance and movements will keep you in control.

Performance: for those who are confident on black runs and have experience in skiing off-piste and bumps.:


  • Keep the skis carving even when pistes get steeper and tougher. Your coach will explain how to keep the skis on their edges through a variety of turn radius, using skill drills to help you maintain and understand your balance.
  • Make short turns with more style and finesse. Use short turns to master steeper slopes in total control. Your coach will provide you with suitable terrain to challenge your short turn development.
  • Tackle moguls of all shapes and sizes, using short turns combined with speed control. Develop the range of movements from the 3 key leg joints, to ski moguls anywhere on the mountain.
  • Push your comfort zone to tackle bigger bumps and ski faster on steeper and deeper terrain. The mountain has an indefinite amount of challenges available; your coach will find suitable terrain to test your ability.

Pricing: 3 days, 9 hrs, £155 - 3 people to run, maximum of 6

Pricing: 5 days, 15 hrs, £200 - 3 people to run, maximum of 6

Ultimate snowsports offer both private snowboard lessons at £50 per hour (plus £5 per additional person per hour) and group snowboard lessons, please see below;


First Timer : You are new to snowboarding or would benefit from a fresh start.

5 days, 15 hours tuition Price £180 per person

6 days, 18 hours tuition Price £210 per person

Improver : You have tried snowboarding a few times, but sometimes find it tough to link turns.

3 days, 9 hours tuition Price £125 per person

4 days, 12 hours tuition Price £145 per person

5 days, 15 hours tuition Price £180 per person

Cruiser : You are comfortable turning on most slopes, and are ready for challenges such as carving, steeper slopes, and riding switch.

(Same prices as Improver)

Take only pictures, leave only tracks and keep only memories.

Fed up of crowds and lift queues? Let our experienced coaches take you off into the backcountry past the lifts and limits of normal off piste skiers.

Beyond the limits of the resort is another world, experience both flora and fauna of the alpine environment. 

Your coach will keep an eye out for grazing ibex or later in the season burrowing marmottes.  After touring up you will have earned your ski through the awe-inspiring scenery of the high Alps.

Touring sessions will be individually tailored to your needs, ability and weather conditions. Maximum of 4 people per group.

We can provide the necessary safety equipment (transceiver, probe and shovel), and can also supply the touring skins and skis if needed.

A three-hour introduction to touring, the equipment, touring techniques and mountain awareness.  Price: £160 per group


Six hours of touring and off-piste skiing. This will usually consist of several medium-length ascent and descents, allowing you to really explore the backcountry of Tignes and Val d'Isere. Price: £180 per group


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